What types of backlinks are used for SEO?

BacklinksIf you’ve been researching SEO or actively been working on your website you’ll know that backlinks play a huge role in promoting your website. Google analyzes and uses backlinks to evaluate the authority of a site and also which keywords the site is relevant for. To do so Google is constantly crawling the web to find and analyze all kind of backlinks. The idea behind that is this:

If you have a lot of articles about “dog training” on your website and people find your website and post a link with the anchor text “dog training” then the Google algorithm will come to the conclusion that your website is relevant for “dog training” and therefore rank it high for that term. (more…)

Important things about keyword research.

Keyword ResearchWhen it comes to SEO, keyword research is without a doubt one of the most important things to get right. If you don’t pay close attention to your keyword research you could end up in one of the following situation.

Keywords are too competitive: Improper keyword research can be the reason why many website owners target keywords that are way too competitive. It is important to carefully analyze your competition for each of the keywords you intend to target and make sure that you will be able to beat them. If the keywords you target are too difficult it will either take a very long time before you see any kind of results or you never reach page one at all. (more…)

What Benefit for Business is a Mobile Website?

The world of mobile technology seems to develop on a daily basis and has already cast doubts over the long-term future of some of our common gadgets, such as digital cameras and e-readers. Having an internet presence is crucial to a successful business , just ask Morrison’s supermarkets. And a key element of this is the mobile website.

What is a mobile website?

This may be an elementary question for most people but just to reiterate, a mobile website is a website which has been rendered mobile phone friendly. This means it will work properly on Android, Blackberry, Apple and all the rest, allow visitors to get the maximum effect from the site on their smartphones.

Normal websites aren’t designed to be used on mobile phones and will often appear poorly on a phone, which can turn people off. Recent figures suggest 40% of people have stopped using a site because it didn’t work on their mobile phone, and it is a fact that more people use phones to access the internet than laptops.

Why is this beneficial to a business?

The benefits start from the simple ones; mobile friendly sites allow customers to check things such as business address and opening hours. Often they can switch this information to a GPS maps system which will allow them to find the business easily.

Another idea which has found a home with mobile websites are the conversion of leads with features such as coupons and even reservation of products. If a customer is out and thinks of something they need or want, they can shop from their phone just as easily as from their laptop. By the time they have returned home, if the website isn’t mobile friendly, they might have already purchased the idea or decided against it.

Similarly, a customer is out for a drive and spots a property for sale which they love. They can pull over and use their smart phone to easily find out about the details of the property, the age, the descriptions, even tips on how to renovate it. Or they could be passing a garage at night and see a car for sale which is in their budget, but want a little more information about it. A mobile friendly site will allow them to look up the basics of the car and hopefully come back the next day.

What features do mobile websites need?

One important factor for a mobile site is that is loads quickly, and there is everything a customer would expect from a normal website. The sites need good integration with social media to allow the customer to spread the word of the business when they are satisfied with their experience.

Google Analytics are also affected by mobile website statistics so a good quality site can help your overall ratings improve with this crucial search engine.


There are plenty of services out there to help you build a mobile website for your business or convert your existing one to a mobile-friendly version. For the biggest growth area in the market, it would remiss not to get on board.

The Benefits of Using Backlinks For Ecommerce Sites

Anyone that has a website has one goal: to make sure that people quickly and easily see the products they’re interested in. Not only is it important that visitors go to a company’s website, but it is as equally important that they do things like click on advertisements because they can make the website owner money, but it is also necessary that the visitors decide to make a purchase.

Without backlinks, which power the web, every website on the World Wide Web would never get any traffic at all nor make one penny for their owners. To help with SEO purposes, it is important that website owners figure out how to use backlinks, and here are the benefits of them.

What Are Backlinks?

When it comes to people knowing the tools of their profession, most mechanics know what car rims are, chefs know what knives to use, and doctors know what equipment is at their disposal to help their diagnose their patients. However, website owners may not understand that they do have the power to do something about the lack of traffic on their website by using backlinks. What are backlinks? When people go to a website, that site might have a list of other links that are offering the same kind of information or even a list of what they refer to as sister sites. By adding a link to their website on another location, people can be directed to another website that may provide them with what they need.

Backlinks Mean A Higher Ranking Page

For people or companies that have their own website, the idea of scattering links to their website like seeds on an open field, but the problem with just sprinkling links everywhere is the quality of the website that they are put in. There are a lot of websites that use unethical methods to get a high ranking, and any website associated with an unethical website may find themselves being penalized for it. These days, Google has implanted many rules now for backlinking, and if people use bad websites to link to then they can find their high ranking suddenly drop literally overnight. Backlinks can both be good and bad depending on how they are used, and Google is tightening its guidelines all the time about them so website owners need to make sure that every website that has a link to their website on it is legitimate and is not violating any of Google’s rules and regulations.

Backlinks Establish A Good Reputation

People buy everything from trucks to factory wheels and oem rims, and when they do, they have them installed by a mechanic who goes above and beyond their task. This makes those car owners happy customers, and they will in turn tell everyone they know what that mechanic did for them. That mechanic is going to see an increase in the number of people coming to the shop all because of a good reputation. Backlinks are the same way because if a website is attached to a good reputable website (re: auto mechanic), it will in turn trickle down to every link that it contains. Reputation is everything both on and off of the Internet, and websites with good reputations will see higher traffic numbers all because of their reputation and how they do treat their customers.

In order to rank high with SEO, which is also known as search engine optimization, website owners have to do certain things and use certain tools to help them such as backlinking to other websites. With the help of backlinks and other business tools, a small business can end up becoming a big one all thanks to higher traffic numbers and more customers that make the way to that website. Backlinking is important in the world of SEO, and no website can truly make their owner money without it.

How Social Media Can Improve Brand Identity

It’s tough to remember a world without the internet, let alone social media sites. But social media only really started to hit our computer screens in 2004 when Facebook started to make big waves across the globe. At first the site started out as a network for college and university students and eventually it expanded into a much wider audience – now 1.2 billion people worldwide use the site to socialise, interact with friends and post updates. Although the site has mainly been used to promote friendship groups, businesses are using it more and more to promote and to interact with clients.

Ever since the introduction of Twitter in 2006, businesses all over the globe have been embracing new social media techniques to grow their brands and client base – and it’s a strategy that appears to be working and is one that you should apply too if you are looking to grow your business.

Dove is one company that capitalised on social media last year. In an effort to increase sales and portray a positive message, Dove launched their Real Beauty campaign. An artist sketched women without seeing their faces. The artist produced two sketches, one based on how the woman described herself and one based on how a friend described her. The difference in the images were huge and the campaign achieved its goal of empowering women and Dove customers. Over 114 million people have watched the Dove video on You Tube to date and it holds the record for the most shared video ad of all time.

West Jet Airlines is another company that used social media sites, including You Tube and Twitter, to market their brand in 2013. In an innovative stunt during December 2013, the brand set up a Santa Booth in an airport and asked 250 of their passengers what they would like for Christmas. When the passengers landed at their destination they received the presents they asked for as well as their luggage. The campaign picked up over 2 million views in 2 days and undoubtedly increased the brand’s awareness.

Once seen as a sideline business tool, social media is fast becoming the way to get your brand heard. Most companies hire social media managers to help them manage their presence online as using these platforms can be vital for a number of things. Brand awareness, sales, customer retention, customer service and client building are just a few examples of what using social media can do for your business. It also links in with SEO and your online presence – the more shares and content you have on the net, the more you will be seen on search engines.

Social media is also changing how businesses interact. You don’t just have to be sat at your desk any more. One client of mine recently told me that they bought a tablet computer from a police auction in their area and now they use it non-stop to communicate with clients and update their social feeds. Once upon a time business could only be conducted via a landline and a desk – now business owners (like my client) are using tablet computers and smart phones on the move to connect with their customers and clients 24/7.

At the heart of social media marketing is getting people to share your news and updates. Although some campaigns can take a lot of time and money to come to fruition, that isn’t really the battle of social media marketing. The battle, as we’ve seen from the brands above, is creating content that is compelling and that people want to share, and if you do that then your halfway through the social media battle.

Lawn Mower SEO Strategy: Tips To Be No. 1

Are you new in the lawn mower business and carve your name in this new industry? Are you looking for a better strategy to market your best lawn mowers? Are you looking for a new way to increase foot traffic in your blog or website? You may know that you have the Best Lawn Mower website, but what you need is to have others know it exist. To push it a step further, you’d want people to see it as one of the top three sources of information for all their lawn mower needs. The answer to this dilemma is clear. What you need is a simple and successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

There are many ways of implementing a successful SEO strategy, but being in the lawn mower business, a lot of us may not have the technical knowledge or time to learn something that is overly complex. There are some simple techniques that are fairly easy to implement. This could make a big difference in terms of keeping you ahead of the competition. Here are five useful and simple techniques you could use to start optimizing your website.

TECHNIQUE #1: It’s all in the tags.

This may be common sense, but really tags are the reason your website would appear when searched through a search engine. The order in which it would appear is what we want to optimize here. Now, there are many “tags” that we talk of when we talk in the SEO language. The first being title tags. As the name implies, this is essentially the title of your website or webpage. Selecting a good title tag can help people search you faster when they type in certain words. The key thing to remember when thinking of title tags is this: short and simple. Try not to exceed 70 words and restrict it to words that are simple, and what directly relates to what the website is trying to say. In line with this though, you also need to be careful not to over optimize (yes, this is possible). What do we mean by over optimize? Basically, don’t try to stuff all the key words into one title tag so as not to confuse your web visitors.

Other tags to make note of are the heading tags and the ALT tags. Heading tags, as the name suggests, are for the headings of your content. For the ALT tags, it’s primarily for users who are visually impaired and need to use text-to-speech devices to view your website. As with the title tags, just remember to keep these short and simple and avoid over doing the keywords in the tags.

On a side note, the Meta description should also be in line with your title tags because although they don’t affect your ranking in search engine results, they are what appear as the description of your site. You’d also want the description to contain key words and phrases. Just try not to put too much of it.

TECHNIQUE #2: Content analysis – is your website really that great?

It would be ideal if the website you are applying your SEO technique to also holds the top electric lawn mowers. Really, the easiest and most practical way to start optimizing for search engines would be to do some quality assessment on your website content. If you are able to provide unique and interesting content on a topic that may seem commonplace, this is the first step to making sure people will actually visit your site. An example of this is when you are putting up reviews of a certain lawn mower brand. Sure, you can get the specs off the manufacturer’s website and copy them on to your site, but if you add your own unique way of presenting the specs and features of the lawn mower, you can attract more readers and visitors to your website.

TECHNIQUE #3: Map it out.

A sitemap is a useful tool and something you’d find in most SEO strategies being applied. This is because each search engine includes each “spider” or branch of your website in an index that is used each time someone searches for something in their search engine. Having a well thought out sitemap can help push you up in terms of ranking if the right key words are applied in the sitemap.

TECHNIQUE #4: Maximizing your links.

In line with technique number three, it would be best if you could also add internal links to your content for the same reasons stated above. Aside from internal links, also rethink the external links you’d want to include in each webpage and in any of the content you run. Try to use trusted and well-known reference sites if you must link externally.

TECHNIQUE #5: Use tools wisely.

There are many other tools available that you can use to successfully implement the SEO strategy more effectively. Social media can be used as a tool to supplement what you’ve done in optimizing your site for search engines. Other tools that you can use are available through all the major search engine providers such as Google’s Webmaster Central or Yahoo Site Explorer. The efficient use of these tools can boost your SEO strategies to the next level.

Overall, these are only scratching the surface of what you could to fully optimize your website for search engines. If you’re new in the lawn mower business, it’s best to apply these techniques when launching your website to get a head start on your marketing strategy. If you’ve been in the lawn mower business for a while now and are looking for new ways to market certain products, you can update your current site and try to make it the top lawn mower website out there by applying simple and cost effective techniques through SEO strategies like this one.

Never Be Afraid To Combine Keywords – A Story of Fitness and Gym Instructor Courses Targeting

I would like to share with everyone a story that shows how it can sometimes be beneficial to combine separate keywords into the SEO targets of one single webpage as opposed to using multiple webpages to target each individual keyword.

A colleague of mine recently did some work for Discovery Learning, a company based in London in the United Kingdom that provides training courses for aspiring fitness professionals in the UK health and fitness industry.

Three of the phrases they were targeting with their online marketing were fitness courses, fitness instructor course and gym instructor courses.

Fitness courses was a term of reference to the collective of accredited courses in that industry that were provided by Discovery and their competitors. But the other two phrases were both terms used by different people to refer to the same qualification, called a level 2 gym instructor course.

For this reason, the search engine algorithm (rather intelligently I will admit) identified the two phrases as being what, in our industry, are known as semantically related, which means it treated them as very similar in meaning and in terms of what results should be returned for queries using those words.

Discovery had two product pages on their website called part time gym instructor course and full time gym instructor course, and another product page called fitness instructor courses which was targeting both of the fitness phrases.

The problem Discovery had was that the fitness instructor courses product page was not appearing in the search results for either of its target phrases because the algorithm was ranking the part time gym page for all four phrases. This was because the keywords were semantically related and it was interpreting the part time gym page as the most relevant page on the website for all four product searches.

So to fix this, my colleague created this course offering, a gym instructor courses page to target at the three semantically related keywords that refer to individual products, and this course list of fitness courses to target at the shorter keyword that refers to the collective of products.

As soon as they crated the new gym page, they experienced a boost in rankings because the power from the external link-building which they had built to all three of the pages that had then been combined and redirected into the new page via 301 redirects from the URLs of the three former pages.

The new fitness courses page also began ranking for that exact term, presumably because the shorter, two-word phrase was different enough from the longer, three-word phrase for the two-word phrase to not be seen as semantically related in the same way that the three-word phrase was.

The lesson that I hope you take from this story is that if you have multiple pages trying to rank for two or more separate, but semantically related search phrases, and one page is stopping the other pages from ranking for their search terms, it is often worthwhile combining them into a webpage capable of targeting all of the keywords. So kill two (or however many) birds with one stone.

Cleaning Up Your Backlinks (Case Study Included)

Links are what make the internet work and when people ask me what the most important part of building a website is and creating exposure I tell them that it is link building.

After all, if you have no links to your website out there either through blogs, web pages, directories or social media then how will you ever get information out about your product or service?

Backlinks are one of the fundamentals that you need in place to create an effective website and we are going to look at ‘bad’ backlinks and an Apple iPhone iOS 7 jailbreaking case study.

Backlinks Analysis

So say that you have an Apple iPhone iOS 7 jailbreaking website and it is on Google and everything is set up. The website is working, there are regular updates and frequent blog posts as well as a host of links from other websites.

Before Google Penguin was introduced it used to be a case of more links the better however this all changed when Google updated so many sites got penalized. Basically back links that weren’t relevant to your site or were on low quality sites were considered bad.

So if you run an Apple iPhone iOS 7 jailbreaking website and there is a backlink from a gardening website or blog post then this is considered ‘bad’ and of low quality.

Jailbreaking Backlinks

In Google’s eyes you need backlinks from other Apple iPhone jailbreaking sites. Or at least sites related to the iPhone or mobile technology. A link coming from an iOS 7 jailbreak site like ijailbreakerios7.com for example would work really well in this instance.

Contrast this to a site called everythingaboutgardening.com that links to your Apple iPhone iOS 7 jailbreaking website. There is no relevancy here and if the non-jailbreaking website has a low PR or DA then your own site will be penalized. Google will look at it and think that you have unnaturally inserted a link to your own iPhone jailbreaking blog or website rather than doing it organically.

Cleaning Up Backlinks

You can find services online that will clean up your Apple iPhone jailbreaking site backlinks for you. They will analyze your Apple jailbreaking website and see how many links are relevant to iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking, iOS unlocking, Apple, the iPhone or even mobile technology in general. Those links that aren’t relevant to unlocking and jailbreaking an iPhone device will be removed and your site will be much cleaner and more positive for Google.

Because iPhone iOS 7 jailbreaking is such a big business then some people try and muscle in by unnatural SEO link building. I keep telling clients and colleagues that this just doesn’t work in 2014. If you have an Apple iPhone iOS 7 jailbreaking and unlocking website then you need to ensure that your backlink profile is as clean as it can be.

This means deleting links from sites that aren’t relevant or are of low quality. Because Apple iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking is such a big market even a few bad backlinks can really harm your ranking on Google.

Casting an SEO eye over an interesting topic.

Hey everybody, welcome to a new blog post talking about SEO optimization. A reader sent me on a site to take a look at, asking me to assess it for search engine optimization improvements. The site in question is a Christian site about prayers of the faithful site. So let’s dive straight in and take a look at the site in a little bit more detail.

Firstly, let’s look at the niche that this website has been created in. Broadly speaking, the niche can be categorized as spirituality, but this site has specialized in prayers. Not only has a specialized in prayers, but this is a micro niche site looking at prayers of the faithful. Prayers of the faithful are intercessory prayers that only God can answer. As topics go, this is a specialized topic; it has low competition, easy to rank for keywords and is in a popular niche. The reader has told us that long tail pro, was used for a keyword selection. Not only did long tail pro provide a good main keyword with low keyword competitiveness, it was also able to provide additional easy to rank for long tail keywords.

The site itself is created in WordPress, with many of the SEO essential plug-ins already installed. The page itself ranks in the top 10 for the keywords “prayers of the faithful”. What the site is lacking is a good, strong, selection of back links. Using open site explorer it can be seen that the back links are from mainly directories or blog comments. Not much effort has been made in developing contextual links that could bring more link juice. Looking at other similar sites in this niche, the majority of links tend to come from directories and blog postings or comments.

There are a lot of religious sites that have been around for a long time and as such have built up good page rank. Building a relationship with the webmasters of these authority sites could yield some good link rewards. Judging by the keyword competitiveness, a couple of well-placed links could raise this site to the top of Google.

Looking at other page optimization factors, the main page of this prayer site has a text to code ratio of 43%. Many question whether this is relevant to Google, but there is no harm in assessing it. A text to code ratio of 25-70% is considered normal. Too much code in a site can cause the page to load slowly. The site is clearly optimized for Ad sense and the ads are well placed on the site. The site has three ads placed on each page all above the fold and easy for the reader to see. I like the use of the text ad as it looks like natural links within the site.

From a content perspective the site offers what the reader is looking for. It offers a description or definition of what prayers of the faithful are, and it provides sample prayers for the reader to use. It also has a facility for readers to add their own prayers of the faithful. As such it offers an opportunity for the reader to engage with other people and pray for their intentions.

Overall, the site has ranked quite well primarily based on content. I feel adding a few contextual links will bring the site more juice links and greater page rank authority.

Is Guest Blogging Still Effective?


Well after a few weeks of doomsday speculation surrounding guest blogging and if it is dead or not I thought I would chime in with a blog post on the argument.

I’m going to have a look at the concept of guest blogging for the uninitiated and see if it really is alive and well in 2014. I am not one for overreacting to certain statements especially as at the beginning of every year we have ‘such and such SEO tactic is dead’ so I want to dispel some myths and misconceptions here. It is also useful to use examples so I’ll show you how guest blogging aides jailbreaking an Apple TV website.

Link building is hard especially to get ranked on Google and drive social media traffic however to say that guest blogging is dead is wrong.

Basically guest blogging is writing an article for an authority site and linking back to your own site.

Let’s look at an example.

I own an Apple TV 3 jailbreaking website that jailbreaks the system and let’s users access things like XBMC, new streaming sources, one click subtitles and also being able to install a browser on the Apple TV system. How can guest blogging benefit an Apple TV jailbreaking site?

Well you find sites that host blogs which are important in the niche of jailbreaking Apple TV systems and you post a blog around the topic of an Apple TV 3 jailbreak. Because these sites have a high PR and are respected your blog post on jailbreaking Apple TV will be respected too and your jailbreaking website will grow as you are receiving a lot of incoming links from a high authority website.

So, can we say that guest blogging and creating blog posts is no longer a viable way of growing a site? Even a jailbreaking website?

Essentially it still works.

The doomsday scenarios of saying that guest blogging is dead and buried aren’t really true and Google themselves aren’t going to penalize good blog posts regardless of whether they are on jailbreaking an Apple TV system or any other niche for that matter. What will be penalized are poor quality posts on poor quality websites. However, if your end goal is to create an authority jailbreaking Apple TV site then why would you be creating a blog post on a poor quality website in the first place with weak PR and no real short or long term benefit?

Rather than guest blogging being dead when it comes to ranking, increasing SEO and essentially organically growing a website it is just changing course. Guest blogging still works, it is just that you can’t send a guest blog post to any old site that will take it.

Instead look for relevant authority sites in your own niche that can get you targeted traffic. To use my earlier example: a jailbreaking Apple TV guest blog post should be on an Apple specific site and an Apple TV 3 site would be even better.

Guest blogging isn’t dead it is just that you need to be smarter about how you do it.

Melding Technology with Social Media…

Social media has come a long way since the early days of AOL chat rooms and online web forums. We have watched the social media tide wash in Myspace, Facebook and Twitter. We have photo related social media sites like Instagram, Tumblr and Imgur now as well. We use these social media sites as a way to communicate with each other, learn about the world around us and to share common life experiences with friends and strangers alike.

We are at an interesting point in terms of the melding of technology and social media. It is estimated that Facebook has somewhere around 1.11 billion users and Twitter has roughly 218 million. It is common to see multiple posts throughout the day from your friends, family, co-workers or even happenstance acquaintances about any number of random bits of information; picture uploads of what they had for lunch or some silly airing of virtual laundry or another. Our everyday lives are filled with “liking”, “tweeting”, “messaging” and status updates.

An interesting new feature on many social networking sites, but Facebook in particular, is the addition of ads populating on the side columns of your page as well as interspersed throughout your time line. During the early days of these ads sneaking onto my Facebook page I did not give it much thought or really connect the dots as to how Facebook came to know me so well. Sad, I know considering that I am considered an IT professional. It was not until I ran a search for unique and small faced wrist watches for women and stainless steel dive watches with face plate gauges for men that I realized that Facebook was not just a super attentive friend that knew my likes and dislikes. It was something far different than that. My search engine was telling Facebook all of my dirty little Google secrets!  Naturally this made me wonder if all of the social media sites I was a member of could see if I Googled about my smelly gym socks and which protein powder would help turn me into the Greek Adonis I was in my mind.

I immediately logged into my Twitter account to see if any of my embarrassing and not so embarrassing web searches were displayed. Thankfully I was able to breathe a sigh of momentary relief. Twitter has yet to jump on the search engine, ad integration train. Where they are unique is with trending, which for now, is as close enough to adding ads. Trending is essentially a tracking and continued spreading of awareness about specific topics of interest. The way Twitter (and now Facebook has jumped on this “trend”) is with the attachment of a hashtag or what us uncool folks used to call a pound sign to the front of the word or phrase that is currently a hot topic.

So it is really safe to say that in todays over saturation of social media that there is very little that we can say or do on our computers or mobile devices that is not tracked or linked to our accounts somehow. Keep this in mind when you are searching and or hashtagging something because you are not the only one that can see this. It has made me think about what I am searching for or pushing a trend for a bit more.

SEO Firm Tackles Small Online Affiliate Site

I recently learned of a online electronic HDMI cable affiliate site that formed a partnership with a regional marketing company specializing in SEO and SEM. The name of the company is Apptizo Online. By using their extensive knowledge of SEO and advertising tactics they plan to increase the visibility of the Cable site to potential customers both in the U.S. and internationally. Because of this partnership customers will be able to to find the appropriate cable that will fit their needs for high-def cables completely online.

Being easy to find online through both organic and paid advertising is essential to promoting a successful online business. Apptizo Online will use their knowledgeable staff to help the HDMI cable company attract a broad audience interested in home audio and video across the globe. The site will make it efficient for customers to find the HDMI cable review site on all the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) leading to great customer satisfaction and potentially more revenue for the site.

Jay Matthews, one of the marketers from Apptizo Online indicated that they were very confident that this project would be a success. He added that people looking for cables in a sea of sites will finally find what they need with the least amount of hassle.

SEO for the cable review site will center around the latest “furry animal” safe tactics and strategies regarding page ranking and online traffic. Getting the site on page 1 of the SERPs is essential for traffic and the resulting revenue. Traffic is almost logarithmic curve as the site ranks higher and higher in search engines. Apptizo Online is designing a customized unique SEO campaign to set the cable site to as much prominence in the search results as possible, putting it in a better position for customers to find it and give the site a larger piece of the total traffic. Keyword research has also been carried out so that the cable site will benefit from the most customers possible. This has the potential to snowball traffic. Once the site hits a tipping point, customers will link to the site and share the site on social sites, pushing the site higher and higher in the search results.

Specifically, Apptizo will use a combination of the following “white hat” tactics -

1. Making sure the site contains quality content. Verifying the content on the cable site is relevant to the end user and appropriate. Enhance thin content pages with more content.

2. Semantically structuring the HTML will help the search engines to understand the content of site.

3. Making sure the Titles and Meta Data are appropriate and black hat tactics have not been deployed, which is very common in Meta data.

4. Verifying effective keyword usage and keyword research – Apptizo will make sure that the keywords are not over used and the keywords used have potential traffic.

5. Getting quality links – This will be achieved by guest posting, outreach programs, social networking and networking with other businesses.

Apptizo Online will be connecting the cable site with their online audience increasing their traffic resulting in increased revenue while satisfying their potential customers. This will be a win-win for everybody involved.

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